Kohlert Winnenden

This required a lot of dent removal around the bow and some serious setup work:

  • This horn has rolled tone holes, one of which had a serious crack in it that was filled with solder and shaped to complete the rolled tone hole and prevent leaks
  • 7 pads were replaced
  • All pads started with the lightest coating of shellac making floating impossible, so I removed all pads and added a good bedding of shellac. This isn’t something I usually offer, but the pads were in good enough condition to allow it.
  • Dent in neck (below octave key post) was removed, and octave key post was soldered back on
  • The neck was precision fit to the horn using the Magnehelic gauge
  • Some key guard feet were soldered back on
  • Hinge rods were straightened and cleaned where necessary


And of course corks were added, replaced, or adjusted where necessary.

I was surprised by how much I liked this horn, I’m not really sure why but it was a lot more responsive than I expected, it felt comfortable with fairly light action, and it sounded great. I don’t have great descriptors of what it sounds like, I don’t always find those useful anyway, but it is certainly a horn I would recommend trying or buying if you have the opportunity.

Unfortunately I did not take my own photos of this horn except for the  group shot of this horn among the rest of the ones this customer asked me to repair. The Winnenden appears second from the left.