Michael Borkovic is a composer, improvisor and educator living in Kitchener, ON. He is a multi-instrumentalist but has been working mostly as a saxophonist with a special interest in avant-garde improvisation for the last few years from Kitchener/Waterloo’s music scene to Toronto and Ottawa. Michael draws on extended techniques extensively in his performances in an attempt to detach the saxophone from it’s conventional role in jazz music and its role as a melodic instrument. Using these techniques, Michael has been invited to play in groups or as a soloist at Nuit Blanche, The Button Factory, The Jazz Room, Centre in the Square, KW Art Gallery, Silence, The Boathouse, Pressed Cafe, and Hillside Festival.
         Formerly a student at Wilfrid Laurier University, Michael has studied under Linda Catlin-Smith, Glenn Buhr, Kathryn Ladano, Martin Arnold, Richard Windeyer, Dave Gray, and performed and studied with Dong-Won Kim, Kyle Brenders, and Casey Sokol. Michael has been commissioned to score several short films and is also writing a guitar piece that will be performed in British Columbia in April.

Michael is currently working with Aneeq Kalson, Treephones, as a soloist and sideman and as a composer.

 Compositions and Arrangements


Tilt Divisions (co-creator with Stephen Trothen)

Zhang (co-creator with Andy Dolgin)

Already an Astronaut (forthcoming)


No True Echo – for 2 trp, 3 horns, 2 trb, 2 b. trb, 1 euph., 1 tuba, 1 vcl, 2 dbl bass 9′

Henchmen (Film Score) – drums, guitar, cello, trombone 9′ – (commissioned)

U.N.D.E.R.D.O.G.S (Film score) 1.5′ – (commissioned)

Sheath and Knife – arrangement for improvisers – banjo, cello, piano

Game Piece 1 – for conductor and unwilling ensemble

Fleshlight (Film score) 45” – (commissioned)


Ancient Light 13′ (variable)

Mr. Tserendavaa’s Ursonate (co-composer Andy Dolgin) – overtone singing, soprano saxophone

Caught Dreams (co-creator Liam Welch) – sound installation

The Rite – arrangement for improvisers during Stravinsky festival

Meatshop (Film score) 8′ – Alto saxophone, percussion, violin, electronics – (commissioned)


Grass – alto saxophone, tape and electronics

Headspace – electronics